Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division

Numbers zero to infinity

All have one thing in common

Maths is the family

They belong to

A word complicated

Yet simple to explain

Read further on to

Find more on the word


Counting numbers does

Us no harm

In case you want to know

How much  candy you

Have than your friend brandy

Maths is the solution!!

Centuries ago young

Marco our ancestor learned how to count

It was a simple beginning

So simple he did not know

That he began something great

Count sheep did he and

His kinfolk,

Used stones and

Sticks did they

But Ramanujam and Pythagoras

Changed it to something that is a

Great and grave subject today.

It is sometimes a big bore

But it helps us

In our day

Counting from one to hundred

Isn’t so bad

And this is all I can tell you

About the word MATHS!


This is my photostory presentation on mughal emporers. It’s a project for school. Of course two of my friends helped out. Got them to speak through the speaker mode on the phone from their houses. Hope you’ll like it!!! 🙂 🙂 !!

Air or wind is an important natural resource. But the cars, factories and industries that have sprung up are polluting it. Many people and organizations have come to schools and colleges and lectured us about how not to pollute the air. Our school is promoting car pools but considering the fact that hardly anyone follows it and that Obama himself went away from his Oath taking ceremony in a car that produced a lot of smoke we still have a long way to go to stop this pollution.

Water is a very important for our day to day lives. But drinking water is becoming lesser and lesser every day again thanks to factories. Water pollution is caused by waste which they discharge into lakes rivers. An example of waste is mercury. People complain about this but have we, them done any thing to stop this? Id say the answer is no.

Soil pollution id say is mainly caused by fertilizers. Even though they help to grow the plant faster and acts as a medicine for the plant when it is diseased excess of it could be harmful especially to people who eat vegetables or fruits grown by it. It can leave us in a critical state or even cause death. Instead silt and other natural fertilizers used in the olden times are more organic and and healthier to use.

Noise pollution I am afraid is something that will be impossible. I think this as the very class i am from makes enough noise to bring down the roof of the school ! But maybe we can slowly work on this and improve.

Radioactive pollution can be stopped only if we decide to give up TV, the micro wave, Cell phones etc. But in these modern times now that technology has developed a lot from where it was before I doubt anyone is willing to.

As many of you have heard it is true that oil has reduced more than 20% from what it used to be. But oil will go on reducing like this as people are not willing to reduce the amount of oil they use at home and scientists have not yet discovered something to replace oil. Another reason is that people by cars like lambougine which give only 6km per liter.

Everyone says that plastic is bad for the environment. Use paper instead. I say that this statement is wrong. Yes I agree that the thin plastic covers are bad but the thick ones you get at hm…. lets say lifestyle or spencers plaza aren’t. By buying paper bags or making them we harm the environment even more as we cut down more trees.

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  • Indyeah: Kriti that was a great project! kudos to you and your friends!:) loved the whole idea!:) and I finally see you back after the Pink Panther review :D
  • Destination Infinity: The project was well done. It was a good introduction to the mughal empire. Destination Infinity
  • Vimmuuu: It was wonderful Kritu ! You did a great job !!! :D :D :D Study well and be good !!